Minutes of meeting


Pearse Hannon, Sinead Cusack, Pat Casey, Eoin Honan, Leah O’Sullivan, Mairead O’Brien, Stephen O’Brien, Pat Brennan, Fintan Ginnane, Eilish Casey, Shaun Honan, Tom Blunnie, Ray O’Leary.

WCCC 2019    Financial Report – Expenses

It was noted that flag funding has been received towards the 4No. new racing boats, 1No. Scattery Island Pilot Canoe and 20No. life jackets.

The total cost for the project was €13,130.00. The fund received is for €7818.00 which represents 60% of the costs. It was noted that in order to qualify the grant the WCCC committee had to demonstrate that 100% of the costs had been paid and receipts had to be submitted – to this effect it was decided by the committee that 3No. members would provide personnel loans to the West Clare Currach Club.

The total loan provided to the WCCC was €7930.00 and the funding has now been received from BIM Flag West for the total of €7818.00.

It was also highlighted that the costs for the PA system and reskinning of boats incurred in 2017 are still outstanding along with costs for trailer lights and trailer repairs – the exact costs for this were not advised however it was highlighted that the overall debt at present is approx. €1000.

It was also noted that the current balance in the account is €7793.00 (approx.) 

All moneys taken during the 2019 year from membership, regatta entries and the quiz fundraiser have been deposited to the club account.

2018 club membership for Fergus was paid on the night.

2018 club membership for Kildysert was paid on 01st February 2019.

The committee requested permission to sell off the 4No. existing racing currachs at a cost of €600.00 each with a few to clearing the debt and securing sufficient funds to pay for the 2019 insurance – however there was strong opposition to this approach and it was agreed that the boats will remain in the ownership of the WCCC and future use to be confirmed. It was highlighted by the committee that fund raising needs to be organised promptly in order to raise sufficient funds and pay off the personnel loans and expenses incurred by the following

WCCC Website Communication.

It was highlighted that all communication and publicity for events should be through the westclarecurrachclub.ie website.  

Agreed that the Secretary Sinead Cusack will be responsible for the upkeep of the blog and calender and that this can be linked to the existing facebook pages.

Racing Boat Maintenance

It was noted that tyres need to be replaces on the 2No trailers and also that trailer lights have been installed on both trailers.

Clare League Format

A suggestion was made that the format of the Clare League needs to be freshened up and a proposal was made to change the format of the League to a team based race formed from 1Man, 1Woman and 1Child (U15). The basis for this is that it would encourage existing rowers to form a team and would also encourage younger participants into the sport – it was noted that there could still be a mixed race. This proposal was rejected and it was noted that the current format will remain for 2019.

It was noted that the underage racing also needs to be reviewed as the format of a draw for ages from 11/12 up to U18 can result in uneven teams. Noted that option of splitting the ages and having an U18 and U15 race should be explored.

Club Insurance – Insurance Costs and Incidentals Costs to WCCC

It was noted that the West Clare Currach Club insurance falls due end of May 2019 and this will be approx. €1200.00. It was also highlighted that Paul O’Looney is still due payment for funds from 2018. (as noted in the finance statement above)

Club Insurance Fee for 2016 €1169.00

Club Insurance Fee for 2017 €1189.00

Club Insurance Fee for 2018 €1189.25

It was accepted that the adult fee will be €25.00 and under 18’s will be €10 per person and this reflects what was agreed and set up in 2016.

All members will be required to complete an application form and disclaimer for the West Clare Currach Club and branch clubs to submit copy of forms to WCCC for file. This is required to comply with Insurance company requirements to provide a comprehensive list of current members in the event of an incident.

2016 Event Calendar

It was noted that no dates are available for the Coiste league at present. Coiste AGM due to be held sometime in February. Noted that branches to review dates and advise the committed when regatta events would take place. ROL to contact Bernie Keating re date for Kilbaha Regatta and also Pakie Keane re the possibility of a regatta in Carrigaholt. Kildysert members noted that they would review the possibility of holding a regatta at their upcoming AGM. Doonbeg regatta will be held on the August Bank Holiday weekend. Fergus members noted that a provisional date for Fergus regatta is 28th July. Noted that Eugene Costelloe has intentions to hold a regatta in Querrin but exact date in currently unknown.


A discussion took place in relation to organising a couple of fund-raising events. It was agreed that a charity row would be organised from Croghvaughan out to the Islands which would be open to all interested including kayaks. Agreed that charge for taking part would be €20 per person. Date to be agreed.

A table quiz is also to be organised at a location and time to be confirmed.

A discussion took place re: the 50/50 lottery draw. ROL to forward completed application form to Eilish Casey for submittal to relevant body.


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