Kilbaha Regatta

Kilbaha Rowing Regatta all set for this Sunday 08th September 2019
The West Clare Currach Club will be hosting its leg of the Clare League in Kilbaha this Sunday with registration at 11.30 and first race at 12:00 noon. The annual event promises to be an exciting day with competitors travelling from Kerry, Cork and Galway along with our own local rowers vying for places on the race card including senior men, senior ladies, under 18 race and points for the Clare League mixed race.
There will also be a single man race where the full size currach is manned and rowed by one person over the sea course demonstrating of strength, stamina and navigation skills. A novelty fear bean leanbh race, a take on the traditional fear bean race, will also be run to encourage younger members and provide them with an opportunity to be mentored on control and navigation of the boats by senior rowers in a race environment.
This rowing event was previously covered by RTE and given the natural beauty of the area and the heritage sport it draws competitors from all along the west coast of Ireland. The location of the event at Kilbaha is one of the finest in Clare situated out on the Loop Head peninsula with opportunities to enjoy local food, nearby galleries and visit the Loop Head lighthouse. ‘ We are always interested in introducing the sport to new members and to the public in general to showcase the craft of the boats and the heritage sport. There is no real limit to when you can take it up and we have had a great surge in junior competitors this year which is important for the future of the currachs’ said Ray O Leary, Chairperson of the West Clare Currach Club. ‘ Sunday is a real family event with the currach racing and the vintage tractor run coinciding in Kilbaha, there will be something for everyone and it is a free spectator event. None of this could happen without the support of the club members, sponsors, local community and businesses of which we are very grateful’.

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